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What do I do if Robocall Blocker isn't working on my phone or my test call failed?

First, be sure that you are sending unknown calls to Robocall Blocker:

  • **004* (847) 243-6953# for AT&T subscribers
  • **004* (843) 483-8690# for Mint Mobile subscribers
  • *71 (845) 328-4751 for Spectrum Mobile subscribers
  • **004* (847) 453-4369# for T-Mobile subscribers
  • *71 (847) 558-7069 for Verizon subscribers
  • *71 (843) 905-2469 for Xfinity Mobile subscribers

If your test call results in the error message "Something went wrong…we didn't receive the call correctly on our end," you may need to try sending unknown calls using these alternative star codes:

  • For AT&T subscribers, dial these codes:
    • **61* (847) 243-6953#
    • **62* (847) 243-6953#
    • **67* (847) 243-6953#
  • For Mint Mobile subscribers, dial these codes:
    • **61* (843) 483-8690#
    • **62* (843) 483-8690#
    • **67* (843) 483-8690#
  • For Spectrum Mobile subscribers, dial these codes:
    • *90 (845) 328-4751
    • *92 (845) 328-4751
  • For T-Mobile subscribers, dial these codes:
    • **61* (847) 453-4369#
    • **62* (847) 453-4369#
    • **67* (847) 453-4369#
  • For Verizon subscribers, dial these codes:
    • *90 (847) 558-7069
    • *92 (847) 558-7069
  • For Xfinity Mobile subscribers, dial these codes:
    • *90 (843) 905-2469
    • *92 (843) 905-2469

Next, ensure that "Silence Unknown Callers" is enabled in "Settings." 

And finally, make a test call to confirm that your calls are routed correctly. Just click the "Make a test call" button in the "Troubleshooting" section of the "Settings" tab. Once you enable the test call you should see the following: 

  • A "Silenced Call" push notification on your phone. Please don't click this notification. If the test call isn't silenced and you receive an actual call, please click "Help, the call wasn't silenced." You will then be directed to re-check your "Silence Unknown Callers" setting.

  • If you see "Test call in progress," Robocall Blocker is analyzing the call and will let you know the results. If the test call is forwarded correctly, you will see "Test call successful." If the call is not forwarded correctly, you will see "Something went wrong." You will then be directed to re-check your call forwarding settings.

If your test call wasn't silenced, ensure you've enabled call screening on the "Status" tab. Then, check the recent calls list on your phone. Look for any outgoing calls to the number (847) 558-7699. If you've accidentally called the Robocall Blocker test call, your phone will now think it's a known caller, and it will not silence the test call. Delete any outgoing calls to this number. After checking that call screening is enabled, and there are no outgoing calls to (847) 558-7699, retry the test call.

Still experiencing setup trouble? If you’ve been through all the troubleshooting suggestions and are still having problems, contact us at (800) 962-8680.

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