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How do I block and allow calls with Robocall Blocker?

Any unknown call screened by Robocall Blocker will be listed in the "Analyzed" tab in the app. Click on the call to view the details. You'll see how the call was handled and can access the "Call Screening Audio," "Call," "Message," "Look up," "Add to Contacts," and "Allow or Block."

To leave feedback and customize how Robocall Blocker handles a specific caller, tap "Allow or block." You can opt to "Always allow" that caller and add a label for this phone number. Any future calls from a number on your Allow List, will come from Allowed Caller, and show the label you entered. Adding a phone number to your contact list will also bypass Robocall Blocker screening.

To block a call, tap "Block and hang up" or "Block and send to voicemail." on the call in the "Analyzed" tab. 

To edit your "Block" and "Allow" lists, find them in the "Settings" tab. Under "Call Screening & SMS Filter," choose "Edit Your Block & Allow Lists." Click the + icon to add a number or swipe an entry left to delete.

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