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How do I remove Robocall Blocker and restore settings on my phone?

Deleting the Robocall Blocker app from your phone does NOT remove the call forwarding setting you activated during the setup process. Before you fully remove Robocall Blocker from your phone, you must take steps to reset your native voicemail system and restore your phone settings. 

Within the app, go to "Settings" and choose "Remove Robocall Blocker." The app will provide on screen guidance to turn off "Silence Unknown Callers" by disabling it in the "Settings" menu. As part of the process to remove Robocall Blocker, you will also disable call forwarding:

  • Dial ##004# for AT&T subscribers
  • Dial ##004# for Mint Mobile subscribers
  • Dial *73 for Spectrum Mobile subscribers
  • Dial ##004# for T-Mobile subscribers
  • Dial *73 for Verizon subscribers
  • Dial *73 for Xfinity Mobile subscribers

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