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How do I add an app or site exception in Bark for AIP?

Bark for AIP's filtering categories (e.g. Social Media, Games, etc.) cover millions of different apps and sites. However, if you want to add a specific exception to your child's Screen Time and Web Filtering rules, click on "Settings." Click on "Apps & websites filters" to switch on and off blocking for general categories of websites. You can use the search bar at the top of the screen to look for a specific site that you want to allow or block. Move the slider next to the name of the site or category to block or allow. Alternatively, if you want to designate specific sites as allowed, click "Exceptions," type the url for the website in the field, then click "Allow."  Note: when typing in a url, leave off "www." and/or "http://"

It takes a few moments for any changes to take effect. You can restart the device or clear the browser cache on the device to expedite changes.

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