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What if my child uninstalls Bark for AIP or Bark for Kids?

If your child changes the passwords to their email or social media accounts, causing the app to stop monitoring, you’ll get a notification.

You’ll also be alerted if your child uninstalls our Bark for Kids companion app. You can prevent the companion app from being uninstalled from iOS and Android devices:

If your child has an Android device, make sure that the Bark for Kids app is version 3.0.9 or higher so we can enforce Uninstall Protection. 

If your child has an iOS device, you’ll need to use Apple's Screen Time to enforce Uninstall Protection. On the device, go to "Settings," then "Screen Time," then "Content & Privacy Restrictions," then click on "iTunes and App Store Purchases." Click on "Deleting Apps," and then "Don't Allow."

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