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How do I use Robocall Blocker to analyze and block spam texts on an iOS device?

To analyze and block spam texts using Robocall Blocker on an iOS device, enable both the SMS filter and SMS spam reporting.

To enable the SMS filter: 

  • Go to "Settings" in the app
  • Then go to "Messages" and "Unknown & Spam" 
  • Enable "Filter Unknown Senders" and choose "Robocall Blocker"

To enable SMS spam reporting: 

  • Go to "Settings" in the app
  • Then go to "Phone" and "SMS/Call Reporting" 
  • Choose "Robocall Blocker"

Once the filter and reporting are enabled, any text identified as spam will be sorted into the junk filter in the app. You will not receive notifications for messages categorized as junk, but you can access the folder by going to "Messages," then "Filters," and then "Junk."

If a spam text is not filtered into "Junk," you can report the number to Robocall Blocker by opening the text message, tapping "Report Message," then "Report as Junk," and "Done."  You may also consider blocking the caller directly on your phone. 

Note: If you don't see the report message option, please ensure SMS/Call Reporting is enabled.

Robocall Blocker identifies spam texts by matching the phone number with a robocaller database and matching URLs in the body of the text message to a list of suspicious URLs.

If a legitimate text is mistakenly identified as junk, the quickest way to ensure any future texts from this number are allowed through is to add the number as a contact. To do this, go to "Number," then "Info," then "Create New Contact." Any number that's in your contacts will never be blocked by the filter. Adding the phone number as a contact will also move the text from "Junk" to "All Messages/Known Senders."

Note: Robocall text filtering only works with SMS messages. Apple iPhone users will notice that their iMessages are not filtered by Robocall Blocker.

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