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Why is offering identity protection so important today?

Between data breaches, cyberattacks, and other threats posed by an increasingly connected life, both employees and businesses face greater fraud risks today than ever before. Offering identity protection shows current and prospective employees and customers you understand their needs, and are fully invested in their future. So you can maintain the competitive edge your business needs.

What are the benefits of partnering with Allstate Identity Protection?

Companies can improve their security posture and empower employees or customers to help protect themselves and their families from evolving threats online. Plus, we make it easy for you by providing a solution that’s simple to set up and easy to deploy.

Do you offer a free demo?

Sure! You can try a demo on for size to see the value in adding our product to your total benefits package. Just fill out the contact form and ask for a demo, and we’ll be in touch in 2-3 business days.

Do you work with benefits brokers?

Absolutely! We’d love to work with you and your benefits provider to design a solution that helps you maintain a successful benefits program. We have relationships with thousands of benefits professionals across the country in brokerage, consulting, ben/admin, enrollment platforms, and more.

What sort of strategic guidance do you provide?

We do the heavy lifting required to deliver a seamless benefit to your clients, from easy implementation to employee-engagement support before, during, and after open enrollment.

What sort of partnership models do you offer?

From direct resell, to bundled and embed solutions, to an integrated API, our partnership models flex to fit your business needs.

How does offering Allstate Identity Protection supplement my company’s existing security posture?

When an employee has their identity stolen, this can spell big problems for the business, too, especially as personal devices are used to access critical work systems. Our protection plans offer an important layer of defense for companies. So by protecting your employers, you’ll help keep your business safer.

What sort of cybersecurity options do you provide?

Our cyber coverage provides the advanced tools participants need for superior mobile device and desktop security, including malware detection, Wi-Fi security, a VPN with safe browsing and phishing protection, and more.

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