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How do I enable or pause the Anti-Tracker?

You’ll install the Anti-Tracker from within the AIP Device Security application. (If you haven’t yet installed AIP Device Security, here’s what you can do: In the Allstate Identity Protection portal, select “Cybersecurity” from the main menu. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will reach a dashboard called AIP Cybersecurity Hub. From your dashboard, click, “Install AIP products on your device.” You can then follow the instructions to download and activate the Anti-Tracker.)

Within AIP Device Security, click “Privacy” from the left-hand menu. Then click “Anti-Tracker” and follow the download and installation instructions for the type of browser you are using.

When AIP Anti-Tracker is activated, the icon appears next to the search bar in your web browser. Every time you visit a website, a counter can be noticed on the icon, referring to the detected and blocked trackers. To view more details about the blocked trackers, click the icon. You can view the number of trackers blocked, the time required for the page to load, and the categories to which the detected trackers belong. To view the list of the websites that are tracking, click the desired category.

To disable AIP Anti-Tracker from blocking trackers on the website you are currently visiting, click "Pause protection on this website." This setting applies only when you have the website open and will be reverted to the initial state when you close the website.

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