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How do I activate Robocall Blocker?

Use the Allstate Identity Protection portal to select which of your phone numbers you want to protect. Then download the app and follow the on-screen guidelines to enable call screening on your phone. Guided steps include:

  • Enable permission in "Settings" on your device
  • Tap to send any unknown calls to Robocall Blocker:
    • **004* (847) 243-6953# for AT&T subscribers
    • **004* (843) 483-8690# for Mint Mobile subscribers
    • *71 (845) 328-4751 for Spectrum Mobile subscribers
    • **004* (847) 453-4369# for T-Mobile subscribers
    • *71 (847) 558-7069 for Verizon subscribers
    • *71 (843) 905-2469 for Xfinity Mobile subscribers

Please be sure to include any special symbols in the listed code such as * and/or #. Your phone should either beep and disconnect, confirm that calls will be forwarded, or display a "Setting Activation/Registration Succeeded" message.

  • The app will also manage your voicemail, so you'll need to choose the default voicemail message or record a custom one
  • Finally, to verify Robocall Blocker has been activated, complete a test call by following the instructions in the app
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