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How does call screening work in Robocall Blocker?

Robocall Blocker screens and analyzes all unknown callers. Unknown callers are any caller that is neither a contact nor a recent outgoing call in your phone. Calls from recent outgoing calls or contacts will not be screened and will ring through as normal.

If an unknown caller attempts to reach you, you'll see a "Silenced call" notification on your phone. Robocall Blocker will then:

  • Inform the caller that the number they called is using Allstate Robocall Blocker
  • Ask the caller for their name and the reason they're calling
  • Instruct the caller to push 1 to be connected 
  • Cross check the caller with the growing global blocklist with millions of numbers, and analyze the call screening audio for key scammer phrases and audio patterns

Calls are screened in real time. If Robocall Blocker does not detect the call as spam, you will receive an "Incoming call" push notification. Tap the notification to listen to or read a transcript of the caller's name and reason for calling, while Robocall Blocker places the caller on hold. You then can decide between three options: "Allow this call," "Send to voicemail," or "Hang up call."

Any unknown call that Robocall Blocker screens and analyzes will show up in the "Analyzed" tab in the app. Tap on a call to see the call details. From this view, you can also "Call," "Message," "Look up," "Add to Contacts," and "Allow or block" previous calls. If any caller leaves a voicemail, you can find and listen to it in the "Voicemail" tab.

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